PostHeaderIcon Is giving our kids too many gifts healthy?

We as parents frequently want our children to have more than what we did and overindulge them. Especially at Christmas time, we are often guilty of wanting to over gift our children. What does giving children too many gifts do for our kids. Much research has been done in this particular area and giving our kids too many gifts is actually not of benefit to them. Giving too many gifts to our kids has the following effects:
1.) Our children are not appreciative of what they have received when they have a stack of gifts sitting next to them that is higher than they are. Children that have “too much” can become ungrateful and it truly is more important to give than to receive. However, if children receive and receive and receive, it is very difficult to teach this particular value.
2.) Giving bigger and bigger and more expensive gifts often leads to a competitition among family members to “out do” each other.
3.) It sends the message that love is truly measured by presents and “stuff”.
4.) Numerous studies have been completed that show that receiving too many gifts over stimulates children. When children receive so many things, it is hard to focus on the gifts that they do receive because there are simply too many. Children can only focus on one or two things at a time, not a pile of toys that are stacked to the ceiling.

Yes, I understand that it is hard as parents to not buy and buy for our kids because we want them to have everything, but truly it is not healthy. How can we prevent from buying our kids too much this year. Here is how:
Make a list of what you want to buy for your children and then stick to it.
Decide how much you want to spend and plan what you are going to buy.
Figure out how many gifts you want to buy for your kids.
Lastly, if everyone is in agreement in your family, then draw names of who you are going to buy for.

This year don’t go broke buying gifts for your kids and family and make this a more meaningful Christmas. Your kids will thank you for this later.

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  • It would be good to have one or two intellectually/emotionally stimulating gifts, including gifts which you might not like at the time, but on reflection, were the best ever, because they showed symbolically that you were cared for.

    The average amount of gifts which children get is 10-12. I saw a picture of a boy with at least a few years of his room strewn around him

    Wishing trees are a good idea as well. You can gift one of your old – much loved – things to an appropriate child.

    And also there is sponsorship. Oxfam goats are very popular.

    Or maybe give the gifts “early” so that someone will have mastered an important computer game by Christmas and be able to teach their sibling or cousin.

    Coupons are good gifts too. “Spend time with me uninterrupted” is one and “a back massage” is another.

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