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Treatment for ADHD, whether it is a child or an adult, should be a comprehensive plan and should include a number of different interventions to choose from. What works for one child/adult may not necessarily work for another child/adult. Assistance given should be done so over a long-term basis as ADHD is often not a short-term problem. The following steps should be considered for treatment of ADHD.
1.) Diagnosis is tantamount in treatment of ADHD. Several other medical and psychiatric disorders highly resemble ADHD symptoms and you want to be sure you are treating the right problem. 2.) A plan that promotes your talents/strengths as these will help you compensate for ADHD symptoms. 3.) Education-you must know exactly what ADHD is and how it affects you. 4.) Lifestyle changes-change in diet, exercise, sleep habits, study habits, etc… 5.) Structure-as individuals with ADHD are often scattered, unorganized, the more structure or scheduled life is, the easier life will be for an individual with ADHD. Make lists, schedules and post them throughout the house. 6.) Counseling-whether it is psychotherapy, career counseling, vocational counseling, family therapy, as ADHD affects others in your life as well as schooling and work performance. 7.) Other types of therapies-such as physical or occupational therapy, exercise programs, nutritional supplements, or tutoring. 8.) Medication-medication is prescribed only as needed and is a personal choice. Some are willing to take medications for ADHD and some are not. Medication should never be used alone and should only be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

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